Compass Group Launches New Digital Marketplace: Krafted

February 15, 2021

Food brings people together. This has always been the foundation of Compass Group’s success and is just as impactful in the reality of social distancing – an environment that makes it more important than ever to gather around the virtual table.

Introducing Krafted, Your Compass Kitchen Connection, a digital marketplace of select catering programs and unique models available regionally and nationally. Clients can support their team’s well-being with a thoughtfully curated snack box, guests can create delicious memories at home with interactive demonstrations led by expert chefs, and colleagues can send an experience just to say thanks – all from

“Through the power of Compass, we’re pleased to promote our off-premise catering services along with unique snack kits and event boxes, all now easily accessible within a single website,” said Rick Post, Chief Operating Officer, Compass Group USA.

With the growing popularity of virtual events, Krafted makes it easy to deliver unforgettable experiences to your guests’ door. From a virtual gala to meetings that captivate, there’s always an opportunity with Compass to do something new and modern no matter where you are. This is the time to nourish your teams, enhance company culture and engage the communities we serve.

“It’s an evolution of what we’ve always done best, connect people through food,” said Susie Weintraub, CEO, Envision Group, a division of Compass Group. “Because our reality is a little different right now, this new resource allows Compass to continue to add value and stay connected with our clients, our guests and each other.”

Great food is within your reach from Canteen, Eurest, Flik, Restaurant Associates, Union Square Events and Wolfgang Puck Catering. Order from to help your employees stay connected and thrive.