How We’re Responding to COVID-19
Our Commitment to Your Safety
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve worked nonstop to assure the safety and well-being of our associates, clients, customers and the communities we serve. From ensuring hospitals and senior living facilities are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, to serving millions of meals to students and their families, to developing innovative contactless solutions for cafés, cafeterias and breakrooms, we’ve evolved rapidly to meet the changing needs of our world.
“Compass Group has been moving forward faster than ever as we welcome our guests back into our cafés and facilities. We’ve accelerated innovation, introduced new certified safety and hospitality training programs, and forged partnerships with industry leaders to reassure our associates, clients and customers.”
– Gary Green, CEO, Compass Group North America
Here’s a snapshot of what we’re doing:
Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitation
Our priority is to protect you, your food and our people who serve you – and we’ve implemented an enhanced public hygiene program to do just that. Designed by industry-leading food safety and public health experts, our program combines best-in-class procedures, technology and oversight. We continue to lead the market in safety and sanitation, which has always been our “normal.”
Certified Safety Training for Our Associates
We created the COMPASSION training to highlight our commitment to the safety of our associates and guests, and to provide high-quality food and memorable hospitality experiences for our clients. Developed in consultation with the Cleveland Clinic, this unique education establishes concrete expectations for the entire organization to ensure the safety and well-being of our associates, guests and clients, while helping us deliver world-class care and service. We’ve further strengthened our safety training with third-party certification through Mérieux NutriSciences, a world player in food safety and quality with over a century in public health.
Innovative Solutions
Our innovation in areas like touchless technology and contactless ordering has accelerated. Offerings such as our automated delivery and contactless pickup is an opportunity for Compass to recognize a “new normal” for consumers who may be hesitant to engage in the traditional foodservice retail experience. Through the utilization of food lockers and integrated mobile pickup destinations, we are offering our customers the opportunity to enjoy a safe, noncontact and secure culinary experience.
Modified Retail Models
We’re shaking up the retail market landscape with new modified models that optimize the consumer experience by seamlessly connecting retail outlets within one digital platform. For example, our Market Café model offers scalability and delivers on consumer expectations of multi-purpose experiences including convenience, safety, quality, efficiency and, of course, great-tasting food. This new model is powered by the latest technology, making contactless transactions easy for customers through a single app.
Guest Well-Being
Now more than ever, our guests are focused on the importance of personal health, well-being and supporting a healthy immune system. Our chefs and registered dietitians provide access to a variety of great tasting, better-for-you menu options and a food environment that encourages well-being, provides engagement, education and excitement in our cafés and at home to help drive healthy lifestyle behaviors.
Feeding Our Communities
Over the course of the pandemic, our teams have served millions of meals to students, seniors and the communities we serve. Chartwells K12, alone, provided more than 350 million meals to children across the country. As the pandemic evolves, our associates will continue serving the community and doing their part to help those in need.
COVID-19 continues to evolve and affect our lives in unprecedented ways, and we are proud of the thousands of dedicated Compass Group associates on the front lines of the crisis. As Compass continues to lead through these times, we look to define a new future – a vision that inspires action today, tomorrow and beyond.

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