Nutrition and Wellbeing

Given the opportunity, many of us could spend a lot of time making decisions about food. In fact, research suggests that the average person makes around 250 food decisions each day.


BALANCE is how we link elements of wellness, sustainability, and humanity to guide us in our decisions about the foods we purchase, prepare, and serve. BALANCE is also our commitment to our customers and clients to support their humanity, sustainability, and wellness priorities.


Humanity. Beyond the physical effects food has on our bodies, the human impact of food expands to those who grow, produce, prepare, and serve it. Our commitment to humanity looks to support the communities involved in each of the steps that bring our food from seed to table.


Sustainability. We believe that the health of our eco-system is directly connected to the health of our communities and the people who live in them. We have developed a strong sustainability platform that benefits our food system, environment, and the well-being of our customers.


Wellness. Eating well is about more than simply having good food available. Our commitment to wellness includes offering delicious food that nourishes our bodies, providing helpful resources, incentivizing nutritious choices, and encouraging active lifestyles.


It takes you. It takes you. BALANCE is a journey that we want to take with our customers and clients. Learn more about BALANCE.



“Influencing food choices at lunch is one piece [of why I love my job], but it’s not until a repeat guest comes up to you and says he has made your recipe at home and the whole family loved it, that you fully realize your impact. Compass has the ability to influence lifestyles and, as a dietitian, your accomplishments within that are never-ending.”

– Jill Woodward, MS, RD, LD Eurest Regional Wellness Manager

Hayley with Starfruit

“Working for Compass Group over the past 11 years has allowed me to build my career. My greatest accomplishment as a Compass Group Dietitian is using my nutrition expertise to influence healthful school menus for students from Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana.”

– Hayley Weise MBA, RD, LD, SNS Chartwells South Regional Dietitian

Sheena Chapman

“Working with physicians, nursing, pharmacy and other ancillary staff has ensured that our patients receive adequate nutrition and that best practice is used. My greatest accomplishment as a dietitian has been being instrumental in forming a Nutrition Support Service to help identify appropriate use of PN. I have also helped in training and identification for malnutrition so that reimbursement may be obtained. I am deeply humbled and honored to receive the Clinical Excellence Award for the Robinson Region.”

– Sheena Chapman, RD,LDN,CNSC Morrison Healthcare

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