Nutrition and Well-Being

We support our clients’ health and wellness goals by creating ACCESS to a variety of great tasting, better-for-you menu options and a food environment that encourages well-being, providing ENGAGEMENT, EDUCATION and EXCITEMENT, and offering INCENTIVES to help drive healthy lifestyle behaviors.

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“One of my favorite things that I have done during my time as a Compass Group RD is teaching students, faculty, and staff about food and cooking through our Teaching Kitchens. Through these, I am able to open our guests eyes to simple cooking techniques they can master on their own that gets them thinking outside of the box and empowers them to get in the kitchen and learn more about the food they are eating. By choosing recipes that are trendy or out of the box with Gen Z, while also being nutritious, I have increased participation in my Teaching Kitchens by 175% over the last year. I have developed a following of students and it makes me smile to see them get so excited month after month.”

– Beth Mack, MPH, RD, Chartwells Higher Education

“I’m fortunate to have spent my whole 7+ years of my professional nutrition career in Senior Living. Quality assurance is my biggest passion. My greatest professional accomplishment has been ensuring our residents are safe and being provided optimal food and nutrition services by implementing a safety incident tracking tool to determine the root cause of any incidents related to food and nutrition services. This has resulted in new policies, procedures, and protocols for our clients in all levels of care to ensure residents are safely aging in place.”

– Toni Caldwell MHSc, RD, LDN, Morrison Living

“I’m most proud to oversee the first unit to ever receive a Wellness Center For Excellence in Compass Group. I’m fortunate to work with a client who makes wellness a priority for their employees. Making FIT options the easy choice, delicious choice, and affordable choice are what customers have not only come to expect, but enjoy! It’s especially great when customers, and especially fellow FLIK team members, share their success stories and how “eating FIT” helped them reach their health goals!”

– Tracy Wilczek, MS, RDN, LDN, FLIK Hospitality

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