“Teamwork and Cooperation First”

November 07, 2017

Sunny Lee, 2nd from Right, Bottom Row, poses with his Fire Support Team (FIST) after conducting a 3 day training exercise with OH-58 Kiowa rotary wing support.

In October 2016, I transitioned from the US Army and was blessed with an opportunity to join Compass Group and help grow the SSC sector in the West. After 5 years of living and training with some of the bravest people in America, I was reluctant to find another company.

Never having heard of Compass Group and SSC, I began connecting with the current employees and soon realized that most of them had been with the company for decades. In today’s world, it is rare to see so many individuals remain with the same company for that long.

I chose SSC for two reasons. They fostered a similar environment to my time in the army that places teamwork and cooperation as their first priority. Secondly, I learned that the best organizations are the ones that takes care of their people. If you take a look at the top companies to work for, you will see that those companies are often also the most successful in their industry.

Great people create a great company culture, and when you create an energetic, engaged, and caring culture, you get success.

Thank you SSC and Compass Group. And thank you to all of America’s past, present, and future Veterans for your selfless service.

-Sunny Lee