A Second Serving: Manager’s Moment #6

November 07, 2018

Welcome to A Second Serving, a blog series from Compass Group’s Talent Management team, showcasing managers across our family of companies.

Julie Cobb

Julie is a Vice President of Human Resources, supporting Canteen. She joined Compass group four years ago after working in the financial services industry. In her own words, “I was looking for a different industry where I could use my skills and expertise. I felt Compass’ culture was a great fit for me. In my four years here, my responsibilities have continued to grow and expand.”

What does developing your associates mean to you?
I am passionate about developing people on my team and throughout the organization. This is one of my favorite things that I get to do in my role. I firmly believe in paying it forward because I was fortunate to have two mentors early in my career, where one took a chance of me to give me my first HR opportunity. And, the other helped me grow my technical expertise in the field.

Do you try to incorporate on the job learning with your team? If yes, please provide some examples.
Yes. Each year my team works on projects that not only support the Canteen culture, but specifically allow them to grow their skills while pursuing their passions. I am focused on helping the team engage in broader projects, committees, and activities that are outside the focus of their current role to help them prepare for the next step in their career.

What advice do you have for Compass Group associates looking to develop their careers?
Take an active role in your own development. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. I highly recommend identifying a mentor/sponsor who will help you navigate your career.

What made you smile at work today?
I believe in balanced choices. I make intentional choices to meet the needs of both my work and personal life as things ebb and flow.

Is there anything you are really passionate about outside of work?
My dog, Webb. He is a beagle and we go on long walks every night together.