Celebrating Pride Month

June 03, 2021

Pride Month honors and celebrates LGBTQ+ members of our community who have enriched America’s history and culture and those who continue to champion LGBTQ+ rights in our country and around the world. Throughout the month of June, we’re recognizing our Associates who are making a positive impact within Compass Group and the communities we serve. Read their stories below.

Courtane Stanton, better known as Court, has wanted to be a chef ever since she was young. Court’s culinary skills have taken her to restaurants all over the world before she joined Bon Appétit Management Company two and a half years ago. Named after a French painter, Court is passionate about gardening and is on a mission to make the culinary world more sustainable through her passion for plant-based cooking. Read her story to learn how she found her true identity and who inspired her passion for cooking.

Max Sherod has been with Compass Group for nearly six years. The California native began as a cashier before moving into the kitchen at the Waterford School in Salt Lake City, Utah. Read how Max is helping others navigate the emotional process of accepting their true identity.

Gerard Sgrizzi started his career with Compass Group USA in 2007 as a Regional Director with Restaurant Associates before moving into his current role as Regional Director of Operations with Unidine. Right now, he says he is enjoying the simpler things. Read his story to learn how this one-time children’s etiquette class instructor is helping others embrace their identity.

Elyse Bais, Operations Analyst with E15 Group, started her career at Compass eight years ago as a catering attendant for Bon Appétit Management Company while she was a student at Seattle University. Elyse loves surprising people with her unique talents like beatboxing, playing the ukulele and whistling. While this self-proclaimed outdoor adventurer doesn’t take herself too seriously, she does take her career at Compass and passion for empowering others very seriously. Read her story to learn how she came to embrace her true self and how she’s helping others do the same.