#CGCareersChat Veterans Recap

November 22, 2016

On the Veterans Edition of #CGCareersChat we learned some great job search tips for veterans and more about careers at Compass Group. We were joined by our Veterans Programs Recruiter, Scott Krewatch (@Vets2Campus). Scott provided us with the answers to questions he receives the most from veterans. Check out the recap below!

Q1-What is the best way to begin your search for civilian employment? #CGCareersChat

Change your mindset. No longer having the structure of the military. Veterans need to define their own path in their search –@summerbaruth

Pick an industry you are interested in. Research growth of the industry and companies in that field. –@CGCareersUSA

Set Goals for yourself. It will help you keep perspective during your search. –@Vets2Campus

Q2- How do you translate your military experience into civilian skills on your resume? #CGCareersChat

If it applies, place a stronger focus on leadership skills rather than operations –@summerbaruth

The skills you learn from being involved on campus are transferable to the world of work. Use your resume to show that you are a well-rounded package of education and expertise –@Vets2Campus

Use a military to civilian skills translator like the one found here@AlecMorrisCG

Q3- How does social media play a part in your job search? #CGCareersChat

LinkedIn is a great first step to promote yourself professionally. A cleaned up Facebook profile also works we –@Vets2Campus

Follow company pages and research the culture and people –@summerbaruth

Clean up your profiles! Employers are looking and can make decisions based on what they see? –@AlecMorrisCG

Q4- Just like your military training, interview preparation is important. What are the best ways to prepare? #CGCareersChat

Help the hiring manager see how your dedication to your country makes for a dedicated employee –@Vets2Campus

Prepare to speak about a specific situation in which you were successful in reaching your goals? –@CGCareersUSA

Q5- What types of positions are available with Compass Group that are a good fit for veterans? #CGCareersChat

We have opportunities available in a variety of areas. Culinary, Engineering, Hospitality and Support Services –@summerbaruth

As the leader in food and support services, we have opportunities across the country. Learn more.@Vets2Campus

Q6- How do I learn more about Compass Group and the opportunities that are available? #CGCareersChat

Connect with our Veterans & Campus Program Manager Scott Krewatch –@Vets2Campus

Follow us here for job seeker tips and insights. Get a glimpse into life at Compass Group and its family of companies. –@CGCareersUSA

Visit compass-usa.com and the new altogethergreat.com –@Vets2Campus

Thank you to everyone who participated! Catch our Twitter Chat, #CGCareersChat the last Wednesday of each month for more valuable industry insights and networking.