August 23, 2016
This week on #CGCareersChat, the discussion focused on job search tips and careers at Compass Group. We talked about the different ways to ensure a successful job search, how to prepare for an interview and how to get noticed. Explore the recap below for lots of wonderful insights from the chat!

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Q1- What are some ways to ensure a successful job search? #CGCareersChat

  • Look for the job you want not what you have @compassgroupusa
  • Be positive, stay motivated. Own your search and stay consistent @summerbaruth
  • Network and learn about what others in your field are doing. You may hear about something that interests you! @jmimsrd

Q2- How do you make sure your resume gets noticed by recruiters? #CGCareersChat

  • Don’t just write about what you do but insure you add in results… Performance is key @tony_rhoton

Q3- What should you do to prepare for the interview? #CGCareersUSA

  • Practice! Get a friend or colleague to give you a mock interview. @jmimsrd
  • Practice! Mock interviews are a great way to practice your answers and receive feedback! @jwuprovcareers
  • Try on what you plan to wear. If it looks good but you can’t move it probably isn’t a good choice @jmimsrd

Q4- What are the best questions to ask at the interview to learn more about the company culture?

  • What are the ways the company celebrates success? @summerbaruth
  • What can you tell me about your company that isn’t widely known? @jakira_irons
  • Ask for someone to describe the environment and what they like and of anything could improve @tony_rhoton

Q5- How do you learn more about careers @compassgroupusa?

  • Attend a career fair or informational session when @CGCareersUSA is on campus! @jwuprovcareers
  • Compass-usa.com and coming soon the new altogethergreat.com @compassgroupusa

Thank you to everyone who participated. Catch our Twitter Chat, #CGCareersChat the last Wednesday of each month for more valuable industry insights and networking.