Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services Reinvents Campus Dining for a New Generation

January 02, 2016

RYE BROOK, N.Y., July 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services is proud to announce a much-anticipated and exciting reveal of its newly-created brand identity that welcomes Generation Z to campuses across the United States. Chartwells is recognized nationally as the leading contract foodservice provider in higher education, proud of its past and poised for the future.

In 1997, Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services was founded and later built a solid foundation around its Eat.Learn.Live. brand philosophy, developed from research that identified the needs and desires of Millennial generation students heading to college. Chartwells transformed the contract foodservice industry with its award-winning programs. Its customized dining environments continue to thrive today where healthy cuisine is served by skilled culinarians, led by top management experts.

Generation Z Supersedes Millennials
Generation Z has arrived on college campuses nationwide, replacing the Millennial generation. Gen Z is described by thought leaders, such as the Harvard School of Public Health1, as having an extreme affinity for technology that results in this group being “over-connected yet under-related.” Research suggests that brands that promote high-intensity relationships will be most effective in preparing this generation for the future. Chartwells’ dining programs serve as a natural way to promote high intensity relationships by bringing people together through food. Chartwells’ dining operations serve as centers of academic life, and based on client and student desires, customized social spaces are designed for college and university campuses. Its cuisine nourishes and inspires.

“Where Hungry Minds Gather”
The exciting new brand slogan “Where Hungry Minds Gather” represents Chartwells Higher Education’s emphasis on providing a dynamic, guest-centered dining experience. With an innovative colorful logo, Chartwells chose human symbolism and messaging that expresses the concept of people gathering and implying the importance associated with it. The illustrative logo not only represents people coming together, but it also depicts a fresh new image and forward motion for the Chartwells brand.

According to Patti Girardi, Chartwells’ Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services, “Chartwells’ global resources help create dining spaces that serve as centers of academic life and help to nurture busy students. We draw people together by serving delicious, healthy meals in dining environments that promote personal relationships. If college is about sharing big ideas, discovering new people and making great friendships, then Chartwells is at the center of a vibrant academic life. We are the place on campus accessible by every student. Our new mission is to be the place where hungry minds gather.”

The New Logo
Chartwells’ new logo conveys the concept of gathering through human symbolism shown by interlocking people. Each color was chosen carefully to represent diversity in five focus areas. Blue stands for people, implying trust, confidence and intelligence. Green notably represents cuisine, symbolizing nature, growth and freshness. Teal suggests community united through energy, creativity and communication. Magenta advocates culture and universal harmony, while orange denotes ideas that are characteristic of enthusiasm and success.

Steve Sweeney, President and CEO of Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services, commented, “At this date in Chartwells’ history when we look back at the timeline from when our business was established to its development covering almost two decades, I can say that we have truly made a difference. Our success has always been based on strong performance and leveraging the resources of parent company Compass Group and our great people. Our diverse workforce truly cares about providing outstanding service, great food and enjoyable dining experiences for every guest. Looking forward, we began developing our vision for the future based on the changes we’ve seen in the ever-evolving foodservice industry and its consumers. We remain committed knowing that we have a responsibility to invest in the development of every student while making each community better overall. Generation Z and future generations of students will thrive under ‘Where Hungry Minds Gather’ and enjoy the Chartwells experience while dining on campus for decades to come.”



About Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services
Chartwells is the recognized leader in contract foodservice management, hospitality and award-winning guest service within 270 college and university dining environments throughout academic institutions across the U.S. Chartwells’ new brand mantra, “Where Hungry Minds Gather,” signifies its commitment to re-inventing the dining experience for the next generation of students and beyond. Our nutritious cuisine not only satisfies the unique appetites, lifestyles and dietary needs of every guest dining on campus, but it also brings people together to promote the high-intensity relationships that will prepare students for the future.

For more information, visit Chartwells’ websites at,,, or call toll-free at 1-855-9-Gather (855-942-8437).

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1 Harvard School of Public Health, Best Practices in Dealing with NEXT GEN Trait Set: Work Session Recap Q&A.