Compass Group and Thompson Hospitality Partner Spotlight: Dennis Hogan

April 11, 2022

CEO of Foodbuy Dennis Hogan believes diversity is the key to innovation and creating opportunities for all suppliers, customers, clients and associates. As the largest foodservice and hospitality procurement organization in North America and the sole sourcing partner for Compass Group, Foodbuy uses its tremendous purchasing volume to support a strong supplier diversity program.

Foobuy’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion starts with supplier partnerships, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to succeed, regardless of size or background. And central to the sourcing of the businesses in Foodbuy’s supplier diversity program, is Compass Group’s partnership with Thompson Hospitality.

“Thanks to our 25-year partnership with Thompson Hospitality, we’ve been able to exponentially expand the number of diverse suppliers fully contracted by Foodbuy,” said Hogan. “Thompson Hospitality’s stellar industry reputation has allowed them to form deep and long-lasting relationships in the communities they serve and has made them uniquely well positioned to identify promising minority-owned businesses that can benefit from the scale that Compass has to offer. We are extremely grateful for their support and partnership.”

Diversity is a key to innovation and provides new business insights that create opportunities for better serving the market, and the Compass Group+Thompson Hospitality partnership is as innovative now as it was 25 years ago when it began.

“Warren and the entire team at Thompson Hospitality have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the cause of supplier diversity,” Hogan added. “We look forward to both deepening and celebrating this partnership for many years to come.”