Tuesday, September 20, 2022 — Compass Group Global Director of Sustainability Amy Keister has been recognized by Business Insider as one of 30 global leaders working toward climate solutions. Keister was awarded for her work leading Compass Group’s sustainability initiatives as the company seeks to reduce its climate impact by shifting to more plant-based meals and slashing food waste.

“Business Insider’s inaugural Climate Action 30 highlights 30 global leaders working toward climate solutions. Our list includes activists, influencers, academics, scientists, business executives, entrepreneurs, and public-sector and nonprofit leaders working to address the climate crisis through collectivism, community, and accountability,” wrote Business Insider.

Each leader was asked to share specific actions people can take to combat climate change. Keister’s call to action emphasizes the importance of partnerships, including with Compass Group businesses like Bon Appétit Management Company as well as clients and suppliers.

“Focus on your strengths and go big with what can make the greatest impact. Start by solving one thing, do it well, and explain why it matters. Recognize it’s a journey that you can’t travel alone. Find partners you trust. Collaborate. Celebrate your wins and recognize the difference you’re making,” said Keister.

Read the full story at Business Insider: Climate Action 30 – 30 of the Top Global Leaders Working Toward Climate Solutions.


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