Compass Group PLC is Once Again a Fortune World’s Most Admired Company in 2023

April 11, 2023

Compass Group PLC, the world’s largest food and support services company, has been recognized for its exceptional performance and leadership by being included on Fortune’s 2023 list of the World’s Most Admired Companies. This is a significant achievement for Compass Group, as it highlights the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation and corporate social responsibility.

Fortune’s annual list of the world’s most admired companies is based on a survey of corporate reputation conducted by Korn Ferry. The survey asks executives, directors and analysts to rate companies in their own industry on nine criteria, including innovation, social responsibility and global competitiveness. Companies that score high on these criteria are recognized for their outstanding performance and leadership.

Compass Group’s inclusion on Fortune’s list is a testament to the company’s continued success in delivering innovative and sustainable food solutions to its customers. The company’s focus on sustainability and social responsibility has also been a driving force behind its success, with initiatives such as reducing food waste, sourcing local and organic produce, and promoting diversity and inclusion in its workforce. As Compass continues to grow and expand its operations around the world, it remains committed to delivering exceptional food solutions while also driving positive social and environmental impact.