Why This Dietitian Joined Compass Group

April 20, 2017

And what’s happened over the past 10 years…

I joined the company ten years ago, in Operations and held the role of Director of Food and Nutrition Services for Morrison Healthcare in a $4 million managed volume account. In time, my career continued to grow with the company to Regional Clinical Nutrition Manager, Senior Director of Food & Nutrition and then, onto Regional Director of Operations where I led teams of senior directors/departments across Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas managing 40-plus million in managed volume.

In 2015, I decided to change career paths and enter into the arena of recruiting talented food service professionals and dietitians. My current role is Talent Acquisition Manager, where I am able to recruit internal and external talent and lead a team of talented recruiters at the same time.

I joined Morrison Healthcare/Compass Group because of the diverse and wonderful opportunities the company has available not only for dietitians, but for other healthcare professionals throughout their professional career and stages in their life. I also joined because of the impact Compass Group is having on health for patients, communities and employees every day.

Based on my experience, I hope you can see, the opportunities for you are endless!

Why Does It Make Sense for a Dietitian to Join Compass Group?

At any stage in a dietitian’s career, we offer any opportunity available. If someone is looking for an entry-level clinical position, wellness executive position or a food service opportunity, we have something for everyone. There are many sectors for dietitians to join – healthcare, school foodservice, business and industry, fine dining, senior living, and much more.

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