Five Tips To Create A Powerful LinkedIn Profile

April 13, 2017

With over 467 million users, LinkedIn has become the best place to manage your professional brand and increase visibility. Whether you are a job seeker or developing your career in your current organization, having an engaging personal brand will help set you apart. This step will take some time to get right, but it is important to spend the time to develop your brand statement.

Once you have your brand established, it is time to start with you LinkedIn profile. One of the best things about LinkedIn is that completed profiles typically rank high on Google search. Having a completed profile is a great way to control what others find when they search for you online. Try these tips to help you create a powerful profile.

1) First Impressions Matter – Use a professional looking photo. It should be close up and clearly show your face. Make sure it is clean, sharp and engaging.

2) Your Headline – Choose a headline that defines you and the image you want to portray through your brand. You have 120 characters to describe to the world what it is that you do. You can use your official job title but if that doesn’t fit your brand, be more creative.

3) The Summary – Your summary is the place where you really get to go into detail. It is an opportunity to share what you’ve learned about yourself, including your key values, passions, strengths, opinions, and personality. It is an overview of who you are, the value that you create and what you are known for. Make it engaging, add some personality and maybe a little fun.

4) Stay Current – You will spend a lot of time getting your profile just right. You want to make sure it has impact. Ensure this by keeping it current and updating as needed.

5) Stay Active – Make thoughtful connections and post content that makes sense for your brand.
If you are unsure what to post, follow companies or influencers of interest to watch what they post, like and share.

Follow these tips to ensure that you have a powerful LinkedIn profile that will stand out. We invite you to follow us on LinkedIn and stay connected with us.