Supplier Diversity Partner Spotlight: King Cheesecake Company, Inc.

February 24, 2022

The strength of Compass Group comes from the diversity of our people, clients and suppliers. As part of our commitment to nurturing an inclusive culture, we are highlighting our diverse supplier partnerships during heritage months throughout the year. For Black History Month, we are thrilled to feature King Cheesecake Company, Inc., which was founded by husband and wife John and ‘Lrma King in 1984 and has been a proud Compass-Foodbuy supply partner for 22 years.

Tell us how Cheesecake Company, Inc., got its start.

Mrs. King was eager to fulfill her dream of entrepreneurship with her own business baking desserts, and we started as a small frozen baked goods distributor. That was 38 years ago. Since then, our family owned business has grown significantly and is a certified minority manufacturer, distributor and marketer of gourmet frozen bakery products.

What is Cheesecake Company’s mission?

Our company has shown good growth and is surviving through the pandemic because we see our mission as staying on the cutting edge of developing new products to sell to our customers in an ever-changing climate.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black History Month means a lot to King Cheesecake Company, Inc. It gives Black-owned business owners a chance to showcase their businesses to the broad spectrum of mainstream America. It also allows Black-owned businesses to highlight their accomplishments and contributions to the communities that we serve, live and work in. Sharing these successes lets would-be entrepreneurs and dreamers know that anything is possible through hard work and dedication. When you love and believe in what you do, you can become successful at it.

What are you most excited about as it relates your partnership with Compass Group?

King Cheesecake has been a proud Compass-Foodbuy supplier since 2000, and our business has grown because of our great partnership. Compass Group helped us reach out to new markets throughout the United States, which has significantly helped to grow our business and exposure nationally as a valued supplier.

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