The People Behind Food Pig Sooie

April 23, 2018

Chartwells Higher Ed at the University of Arkansas runs the campus-favorite dining spot, Food Pig Sooie. The Food Pig Sooie team is all about the foodie life. From finding dining hall hacks to cooking meals in your first apartment, the team is ready to make the food experience fun and memorable.

Team #foodpigsooie is made up of 20 Chartwells associates, including the culinary team, a registered dietician, a marketing manager, and four Chartwells HE marketing interns. Students at the University of Arkansas are also an important part of the team and are often seen taking over the @foodpigsooie Instagram account.

Marketing Manager Kristin Jacobelli shares five easy tips on how to engage the campus community and make your Instagram account pop.

  • Number one, have fun! Taking pictures of food does not have to be stressful. If you or your team is inexperienced, explore your heart out on Google. Find a style/vibe that fits your account, do it and stick with it.
  • Get others involved. Student takeovers are a great way to bring in a fresh perspective, infuse creativity and get the student body involved in the food life.
  • Feature a good mix of food and people. Creating a good balance of this will keep your followers interested and engaged.
  • Photo backgrounds are a must. Whether they are patterned, textured or one color – they are a game changer. Tip: visit your local flooring companies, Lowe’s or Home Depot for scrap pieces. More times than not, those companies will donate odds and ends.
  • Who doesn’t love a good giveaway or deal? It helps boost your network, gain product exposure and of course, gives back to your fans. It’s a win, win for you AND your followers.

“I love how Chartwells lives out their brand at the University of Arkansas. I can always count on Food Pig Sooie to keep me informed about the latest dining activities. Their Instagram, specifically, has a lifestyle-vibe and allows students like me to be actively engaged and connected. Whether they are doing giveaways, featuring special deals or uploading a picture of a colorful milkshake, Food Pig Sooie unites the University of Arkansas through creative posts that express their love for food and people.”

-Kalindi Cordero, sophomore