Women’s History Month Celebrates “Storytellers” – Meet Canteen’s Christina Wilder

March 01, 2023

Join Compass Group in celebrating Women’s History Month throughout March to recognize and honor the accomplishments and contributions of women to history, society, culture – and our own family of businesses! “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories” is the theme this year.  

Compass is home to incredible women who uplift our organization with engaging and entertaining storytelling through food, communications, art and more – and we are shining a spotlight on them across the month. Twenty-three remarkable female culinarians will display and be celebrated for their extraordinary culinary talents during our Woman in Culinary Showcase, March 7–9, in suburban Dallas, Texas.  

In addition, four fabulous communicators who are at various stages in their careers share the path that led them to the communications field, why it’s important to tell the stories of our associates and what drives their prose. First up is the skillful storyteller CHRISTINA WILDER, Senior Director of Communications for Canteen . . .  

“I was deeply fascinated by films and television growing up. However, I felt a lack of representation in the media. This inspired me to want to bring awareness to unique experiences and perspectives that were often underrepresented. I studied communications in college with the goal of working in TV production, but as my knowledge broadened so did my awareness of storytelling beyond entertainment.   

“My first job was creating video-based training, where I had the chance to collaborate with amazing thought leaders across multiple industries. This taught me how to construct stories that educate, persuade, inspire, connect, and develop people. Throughout my career, I’ve always stayed a student which has allowed me to expand my impact and reach. Today, I am thrilled and honored to tell the stories of Canteen associates.   

“It is important to tell the stories of our associates because they are the heart of Canteen. Our large, diverse, and widely dispersed workforce is strengthened by the stories we share, which reinforce human connections and shape our culture. By highlighting the perspectives and contributions of associates from all backgrounds, we learn from one another and continue to build a stronger, more equitable, andsuccessful organization.  

“As a storyteller, I focus on understanding my audience. I stay curious, ask questions, and listen to determine the challenges they face and what is most important to them. With this knowledge, I am able to craft impactful stories.”