Women’s History Month Celebrates “Storytellers” – Introducing DEI’s Natacha Jacque

March 20, 2023

We’re shining a spotlight on some eleoquent Compass Group storytellers throughout March as part of Women’s History Month. Meet the amazing NATACHA JACQUE, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, who discusses her origins in storytelling. 

“I have been writing ever since I was a young girl. Writing was an outlet for me to express the things that I would find difficult to verbalize. My freshman year in high school my teacher told me that I could be a great writer one day. Little did I know, he submitted a prayer I wrote into a contest. I won the contest and as a result, I became a published writer at the age of 13 in a book titled More Dreams Alive: Prayers by Teenagers. I did a lot of freelance writing in my 20s and spent a couple of years writing the entertainment section of iRoster Magazine. Being an effective communicator has led to great success in my Human Resource and DEI roles as well. Although I am not a traditional communicator, I use my storytelling skills in my current capacity to be a voice for our associates through Heritage Months and other DEI programming.  

“Our associates are the heartbeat of the organization! Being able to support the field and getting to meet our associates was the best part of my job as an HR Business Partner. We have associates from all walks of life with such rich and fascinating experiences and stories. What I have learned is the things we typically see as differences can be the same conversation starters that can bring us closer together if we could just share the story. Sharing our unique stories is one of the best ways we can empower our associates to bring their true and authentic selves to work daily. 

“Being an effective storyteller is having the ability to relate, empathize and connect with your audience.”