2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

January 27, 2021

Food brings us all together. It is a powerful medium capable of elevating culture and nourishing us during times of need.

This year hasn’t stopped our teams from doing what they do best: provide delicious and nutritious meals to our local communities. We are inspired by the bravery, dedication and commitment of Compass Group’s front-line associates. Our chefs are putting more plants on our menus, leading with flavor. Our support services teams took the power of clean to a new level by coming together to sanitize cafes, schools, healthcare facilities, businesses and operations. And, as a company, we continue to be obsessed with fighting food waste–from driving awareness and education with our day of action, Stop Food Waste Day™, to measuring our progress with the launch of Waste Not 2.0.

Above all, this year gave us hope. It showed us that when we work together, anything is possible.

In partnership with our clients, we are creating meaningful change. This is OUR story.