2023 Sustainability Report

February 06, 2024


Food possesses remarkable power; it has the ability to unite, nourish, and bridge divides. Just like breaking bread together forms connections and fosters understanding, our culinary experts leverage their expertise and sustainable practices to craft a better world—one meal at a time.

At the heart of our organization, our chefs infuse every dish with passion and creativity, driving innovation and setting industry standards. Their steadfast commitment to culinary mastery inspires us to continually elevate our offerings, ensuring that taste, quality, and sustainability are intertwined.

Recognizing the importance of collective action in achieving net-zero objectives, we are deeply committed to decarbonizing our supply chain. Working tirelessly with our partners, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint. We aim to cultivate a more sustainable food ecosystem through innovative collaborations, responsible sourcing, and waste reduction.

As we navigate the complexities of today’s world, we remain dedicated to the principles that define us—hospitality excellence, sustainability, and community. Let’s cherish the shared experience of savoring good food while safeguarding our planet, supporting local communities, and creating a more inclusive, sustainable future for generations to come.



Global Director of Sustainability, Compass Group