A Chef to Follow

May 28, 2015


Trevor Hill, Eurest District Executive Chef, Grand Rapids, Michigan started using Instagram less than a year ago and has already caught the eye of chefs, customers and food organizations from all around the US. Take one look at his Instagram @HILLT01 and you’ll be hooked too.

Chef Hill says he didn’t do much social media before, but found it easy to showcase what his team was doing through pictures on Instagram. “I love to teach, share and create connections through food.”


Chef Hill says he draws daily inspiration from his co-workers and company chefs. He’s also inspired when his passion for food connects with others – either on the plate or through pictures on social media.

His advice to food lovers? “Keep that passion going because it’s the best form of giving. Just cooking for someone and seeing them smile…. Is there anything better?”

Our advice to food lovers? Start following @HILLT01 today. (You can follow us too @compassgroupusa)