A Meal in the Life with Morrison Community Living

March 01, 2016

Tour the world from the comfort of your dining room table with Morrison Community Living as they bring authentic global cuisine and traditions to their communities.

Native American Month

Today’s resident is well-traveled, highly educated and enjoys experiencing new cultures. Meal time is highly anticipated time of the day for residents so Morrison Community Living (MCL) strives to make it a memorable experience for not only residents, but also for their family and friends. As a result, the “A Meal in the Life” dining concept was created and developed by a committee of operators, chefs, dietitians and, marketers from across MCL’s communities.

“A Meal in the Life” is focused on celebrating different heritages around the world and taking part in their traditions at meal time. Communities are hosting an “A Meal in the Life” event three times per month. Culinary teams serve a family-style dinner, with residents’ family members invited, and includes a four course meal. Executive chefs also host two cooking demonstrations featuring one of the special menu items (Recipes are available here for the Italian Prosciutto Bruschetta or Native American Three Sisters Soup).

Italian meal

Additionally, Morrison Community Living strives to provide a fully immersive dining experience. For example, in December they celebrated the Italian heritage with traditional Italian music in the background and videos showcasing the scenery of Venice, Rome, and Florence. For Native American heritage, some communities invited traditional dancers and speakers to offer a firsthand look into their culture. One community even created their own educational video about the culture for residents to watch.

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