A message from Gary Green

September 22, 2023

After 37 great years at Compass, I have decided it’s time to retire and hand over the leadership of the North America division.

It’s always hard to know when the right time to go is … when times are tough such as with Covid, you feel you shouldn’t go and when times are good you don’t really want to go. Let me assure you, times are very good now, our Compass North America business is back better than ever. Last week we hit the remarkable milestone of having over 300,000 talented associates in our Compass family and we are on course for another record New Business year.

In fact, the whole of the Group is in its best shape ever under Dominic Blakemore’s leadership. I can say that having been here even before we were a public company!!!!!

I’ve always believed that no one should ever have to leave Compass to fulfill their career aspirations. I’m incredibly thankful to be a great example of that. The journeys and careers we have all built don’t happen to everyone – for me this has been a great time to look back and realize how fortunate we are to be part of the Compass family. What an amazing journey it’s been and it’s far from over.

With that in mind, I’m genuinely so happy to be able to announce Palmer Brown as my successor from December 1st. Palmer is known to many of you and has worked closely with me throughout his 22-year career at Compass, most recently as the Group CFO. He is one of the most intelligent people you will meet, knows our business intimately and totally gets the growth culture that has been so instrumental to our success. When I said earlier that now is the right time for me, it’s because I know Palmer is the right person to lead our North American business into the future.

I’ve always said and truly believed that it’s our people that make this company the best. As such, I’d like to finish with a totally heartfelt thanks for all the support you have given me and the company to make it such a fantastic journey to date. And the best thing of all is I know the best is yet to come.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

That’s all folks – over and out!!!

Gary Green
Chief Executive Officer