A Message from Our CEO and VP of Inclusion & Diversity

June 05, 2020

June 5, 2020

I couldn’t say it any better than our VP of Diversity and Inclusion Adrienne Williams.  Her message hits home and is the essence of everything we stand for at Compass Group. Please read her full message below.

Gary Green
CEO, Compass Group North America

The following message was sent to our associates across the country this week.

Dear Compass Associates,

I am writing to you wearing two hats. I am Compass Group’s Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion and I am an African American wife and mother, raising two sons and a daughter.

Like you, I watched the senseless death of George Floyd unfold on television and social media. The events that transpired in Minneapolis last week, and those that have since occurred in cities across America, are heartbreaking. As a mother, I have been forced to have tough conversations with my sons, who have asked, “Mommy, why is this happening?”I don’t have all of the answers, but I believe in order for things to change, we must acknowledge what has happened and begin having open and honest dialogue.

Racism is not OK. Discrimination is not OK. Violence against others is not OK. None of these things will ever be tolerated at Compass Group. Our organization, and our family of companies, is committed to leading with respect, dignity and fair treatment for all. These values are built into our company’s Code of Conduct and our DNA.

Racism and inequality are not problems for a select few – they are everyone’s problems. My hope is that our communities begin to heal, and we find common ground so that we can move forward. It will take courage, it will take time, but I believe we can get there.

With hope,

Adrienne Williams
Carter, Christian and Christina’s mom