A Second Serving: Manager’s Moment #1

March 19, 2018

Welcome to A Second Serving, a blog series from Compass Group’s Talent Management team, showcasing managers across our family of companies.

Michael Shapiro

Meet Michael, General Manager with Restaurant Associates. Prior to joining, he knew that he wanted to work for Restaurant Associates and actively pursued opportunities to join the team. After meeting with several hiring managers, Michael found the right fit and joined Restaurant Associates as a Director in 2013. Through increased responsibility and a continued focus on his professional development, Michael was promoted to General Manager in 2016.

What does developing your associates mean to you?
It is a catch-22 to know that growing a member of your team could result in the team member moving on from your account. However, that is best for the individual and for the company. When you put your heart into training and developing your team, it is extremely rewarding.

Do you try to incorporate on-the-job learning with your team?
Absolutely! New business openings are a great platform for managers to share best practices and gain experience. These experiences are most impactful because they force associates out of their comfort zone and create an opportunity for them to share what they’ve learned with their team.

How has working at Compass Group helped you in your own career development?
Working with Restaurant Associates inspires my drive for excellence and encourages me to always ask the question “Why?” Never accepting the response, “Well, this is how we’ve always done it,” promotes innovation.

What advice do you have for Compass Group associates looking to develop their careers?
Your supervisor can support and encourage your development, but you have to want to grow. Always remember that no one cares more about you than you. You have to be the driver of your career. I task my team to keep a running list of projects and tasks they participate in throughout the year, align them to their development goals, and add them to their Personal Development Plan.

Are there any interesting initiatives you are currently working on with your team?
We will be hosting a Stop Food Waste Day Chef Challenge where seven Compass Group sectors will come together and participate. Some healthy competition and fun will surely bring focus to the fight to stop food waste.