BLK & Bold: Making an Impact through Coffee

February 04, 2021

How can your cup of coffee make an impact? BLK & Bold was born with the intent to make purpose popular, taking an everyday ritual like enjoying coffee or tea and turning it into a pathway for supporting at-risk youth. One of Compass Group’s newest diverse suppliers, the first black-owned, nationally distributed coffee brand contributes 5% of all profits to initiatives and non-profit organizations committed to helping more students graduate high school and pursue fulfilling careers.

Both first generation college graduates, childhood friends Pernell Cezar and Rod Johnson began roasting coffee in their garages after studying the process on YouTube. BLK & Bold’s products are ethically and organically sourced from across the globe, and micro-roasted to perfection to bring out the bean’s flavor notes. With their backgrounds in retail merchandising and professional fundraising, BLK & Bold secured national distribution in under two years after launch.

“The most exciting aspect of our relationship with Compass Group is that we have the opportunity to continue to do ‘local at scale,’ impacting youth across America in their local communities by way of this strategic national partnership,” Rod Johnson said. “This allows us to do more, given the relationships and connections Compass Group has.”

BLK & Bold can also be found at Target and Whole Foods, and has been promoted by celebrities like singer Kelly Rowland. This attention is no surprise given BLK & Bold takes a multi-faceted approach to how a product and conscious consumer can effect change, building the communities we serve.

Learn more about this diverse supplier partner at and meet them for yourself in this Google mini-film.

For a limited time, Tradecraft, a part of Canteen, is offering a 15% invoice credit to new clients who select BLK & Bold as part of their coffee program. Learn more here.