Boost Your Job Search Using Social Media

June 28, 2017

Using social media is a great way to boost your job search. Serious job seekers should take the opportunity to develop their skills on social media to attract hiring managers. Here are a few tips to help optimize your job search on the most commonly used social media networks.

Follow on Twitter

Twitter feeds are full of important news, trends and job opportunities. This makes it a great way to gain useful information as you research companies. Depending on the company, interacting on Twitter could help you gain the visibility you need to get in the door.

The platform can be overwhelming as there is a lot of content being shared. One way to sort through it all is to create a list of companies you would like to follow. You can set your list to public or private and add as many users as you would like. When you click on the list you will only see a feed of the tweets from that list.

Of course, be sure to clean up your Twitter page and ensure that it reflects your professional goals before following.

Taking LinkedIn Further

Most people think of LinkedIn as just a digital version of your resume, but there are many other ways to showcase your skills and experience on the platform. According to Jobvite, over 90% of recruiters screen candidates based on their profiles on the site so it is important to enrich the content on your page. One of the best ways is to upload examples of your work or projects that you have worked on. This could include presentations, pictures, videos or articles. Be creative and ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Joining industry groups, following prospective employer and other influencers are all great ways to use the platform.

Like on Facebook

With over 90 % of job seekers currently using the popular network, companies are finding more ways to interact with job seekers on their pages. Search companies you are interested in and be sure to like and follow their company and/or career pages. Here you will find stories and information to learn more about the culture of the company.

As with the other social networks, engaging in industry- specific communities will help you connect with other people in your field and gain insight to job opportunities. A quick search on the network will help you locate the right groups to join.

Whichever network you choose to use in your search, it is important to remember to always be professional. What you share can either work for or against you. There are no guarantees of privacy in today’s hyper-connected social media world.