Building a Digital #CompassLife

August 30, 2017

With over 250,000 associates across North America, there’s nothing more important than continuing to create the best opportunities and careers in the industry.

Technology is at the forefront for our operators as well as for the human resources team. Whether through on-site innovations to improve our sales and services or transforming our recruiting and onboarding processes, technology is shaping our future as a company.

For example, Compass Digital Labs is creating the modern at work dining experience. With mobile ordering, digital menuing and kiosk ordering, and entirely cashless cafes, we’re making it easier for guests to get exactly what they want, right when they want it.

Get to Know Us

Our HR team is proud to offer candidates the opportunity to learn about careers, apply for jobs, and even interview entirely from a mobile device. New positions are always available, resumes are submitted without ever having to sit down at a keyboard, and you can even interview remotely with our HireVue partner.

With our new Career Path Portal, you can hear from six associates across Compass on how they started with the company and where their career has taken them. Some entered through our Manager in Training (MIT) program or as student workers and others began with one sector and have moved across industries as they’ve advanced. Others have taken advantage of some of our learning and development training opportunities to enhance their skill sets to advance to the next level.

Candidates can also immerse themselves in the Compass culture as we’ve taken our first step into Virtual Reality to showcase our Manager in Training program!

Offering Careers for Life

A main focus for both our operators and our human resources team is helping our people build their careers from day one. We offer paperless onboarding for new hires and any required training or assessments can be completed online.

Internal promotions play a key role as our company continues to evolve and allow our associates to grow through the organization. We’re always offering learning & development opportunities for our associates and creating new programs to bring that next role within reach. In 2016, associates took advantage of nearly 300,000 training programs – most accessed through our online system and completed remotely.

Developing Our People and Culture

We recently concluded our annual Your Voice People Survey and heard from nearly 100,000 of our associates! With 85% of our associates happy in their careers and 83% rating our culture positively, we’re very proud of the workplace we’ve built, but we’ll never get complacent. We’re dedicated to planning concrete actions based on associate feedback and ensuring we remain a leading employer in the hospitality industry.

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