Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage: Introducing Macy Yee

May 05, 2023

Throughout May, Compass Group is honoring generations of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who have enriched our country’s history and are essential to its future. Across the month we’ll celebrate and introduce you to several of our associates who share their experiences about how they sought opportunities – or opportunities sought them! – to advance as leaders.



First up is Macy Yee, who is Chinese and Director of Dining Services at Morrison Healthcare. She notes: “Opportunities come in different forms, sizes and shapes. We don’t always recognize or value them. Sometimes we may not even be aware of them.

“Many years ago, my Regional Director of Operations asked me to take over the Retail Director position. Because I was not interested in retail, I declined this opportunity.

“A few months later, the new Retail Director was let go. Again, I was invited to pursue the position even though the Regional Director understood that this was not what I wanted to end up doing for the rest of my career. She offered encouragement and said it would make me a stronger, well-rounded manager. So I applied and got the position.

“A year-and-a-half went by, and although I still did not enjoy the position, I realized I had learned a lot and saw things in a much different perspective. Because of this experience, I grew as a leader and was provided with other opportunities to advance.

“As we continue to search for the next generation of leaders, we might have to push a few people kicking and screaming through the doors of opportunity. At least that was my experience!”

Thank you, Macy, for sharing how you pursued opportunity in your own way!