Celebrating Women’s History Month 2024: Keysa Minnifield

March 11, 2024

Women’s History Month is an invitation to recognize women who are helping to level the playing field to bring about equality. Keysa Minnifield, vice president of human resources for the Chartwells K12, is one of those women in Compass Group.

“I see the workplace as a microcosm of the communities in which we live, work, and serve. Because communities are constantly growing and changing, our workforce must constantly grow and change to mirror the community. Research shows that the next generations entering the workforce will be the most diverse in history. As an organization, we must be prepared to meet these generations where they are and develop them for future opportunities.

“Equity and inclusion are critical to business success because people drive the business, the organization and change. When I think of equity, I think about fairness and impartiality for everyone. It’s about equal access to opportunities and advancement in every aspect of the employee life cycle, from sourcing to retirement. An inclusive culture is about respect, support and collaboration. It’s about increasing the individual and collective contribution of all associates underpinned by structure and policies to remove barriers.

“In the Education Channel – Chartwells Higher Education, Chartwells K12 and SSC – we are leveling the playing field for all associates by implementing programs that drive equity and inclusion. Our Road to Readiness Sponsorship Program pairs senior-level executives with high-potential diverse talent for a year of mentoring and coaching. The protegee and the sponsor embark on a journey with robust tools to support the relationship.

“We are dedicated to creating a more inclusive culture for all and elevating initiatives reflecting our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion – not only because it is the right thing to do for our people, it is also a competitive business advantage. The benefits build over time and support our efforts to attract and retain top talent. We can create a more adaptable and creative culture which leads to growth and innovation. Simply put, people want to be a part of a diverse, equitable and inclusive team!”