#CGCareersChat September Recap

October 21, 2016


This week on #CGCareersChat we discussed tips to prepare you for attending Career Fairs! Our recruiting team joined us to give their insight into the best ways to prepare for a career fair. Do you have your elevator speech ready? Check out the recap below for lots of great tips and to learn more!

Q1- Why are career fairs an important part of your job search? # CGCareersChat

The reps are “insiders” (they know what’s happening inside the org) – @TionLovesTalent

Career fairs are a great way to learn about company’s offerings, culture through their representatives and network. – @tony_rhoton

Q2- What are the most important things to do to prepare for a career fair#CGCareersChat

Rehearse your “pitch”. Be ready to talk about yourself and what you want in your next role. @summerbaruth

The skills you learn from being involved on campus are transferable to the world of work. -@TionLovesTalent

Research the employers attending, the industries represented. Learn about them, the highlighted jobs. Be resume ready. – @tony_rhoton

Q3- How can you make a lasting impression on the recruiters you meet? #CGCareersChat

Be patient when waiting in line. Make strong eye contact. -@jakira_irons

Research the company, speak pointed about the company vision and how you can best support it. Firm handshake to close. -@tony_rhoton

Practice your elevator pitch-why are you a good fit? – @TionLovesTalent

Q4- What questions should you ask? #CGCareersChat

How would you describe the company culture? – @jakira_irons

What made you choose this company and why do you stay? @CGCareersUSA

Q5- What should you do after the career fair to leverage the connections you made? #CGCareersChat

Formally thank everyone individually you connected with, request to network, and connect through social media channels. – @tony_rhoton

Get organized. Look through your notes on each employer and track your leads.-@summerbaruth

Thank you to everyone who participated! Catch our Twitter Chat, #CGCareersChat the last Wednesday of each month for more valuable industry insights and networking.