Challenging, Ever-Changing & Unpredictable

November 10, 2017

Nova Robinson is the Director of Dining Services with Bateman Community Living at Holly Creek in Colorado. She is an active duty Army veteran, as well as a current member of the Colorado Army National Guard.

Kaye Herbert: Tell us about your time in the Army.

Nova Robinson: I spent 8.5 years on active duty and served three tours overseas in Iraq (2003-2004, 2005-2006 & 2009-2010). I was stationed at Fort Drum, NY, Fort Carson, CO (this is when I fell in love with Colorado and is the reason I live here today) and Fort Stewart, GA. I come from a family of veterans; my grandfather served 26 years in the Air Force, my father served 24 years in the Air Force, and both of my brothers served in the Air Force and have 14 combat tours between them.

KH: How has being in the military impacted your career?

Nova: There are at least 30 veterans that live at Holly Creek and it has been wonderful to be able to connect with them on this level, which has in turn helped me connect with the larger community of residents. I am currently being considered for Warrant Officer Candidacy and if I am selected and complete the schooling, I will be the only food service Warrant Officer in the state of Colorado.

KH: Give us a “day in the life” at Holly Creek for you.

Nova: My days are spent supporting the dining services team in the execution of their duties and encouraging them to find the part of their job that connects to their passion in life. Using that passion, we’re able to better adapt and keep our residents happy and better facilitate a harmonious experience for the residents, client associates, and directors.

KH: What passion in your life connects you to your job?

Nova: My grandfather, also a veteran, suffers from Alzheimer’s. Seeing how hard it has been for my grandmother to care for him and becoming more aware of the challenges she faces as they both get older brings a different focus to what I do daily. Our residents are our family and it is an honor to have a position that allows me to have the chance to do for someone else’s grandparents what I am unable to do for my own. My Nannie and Papa come to visit my parents in Aurora twice a year and I was so proud to show them where I work and let them see what I do. It was incredibly humbling to have my grandmother tell me that she was proud of the work I was doing.

KH: What are your interests outside of the work and the military?

Nova: I love to read, watch History Channel and Food Network shows with my husband and kids, and I’m a singer. My husband even proposed to me while we were having a karaoke night out with friends and family.

KH: Any last thoughts you would like to share?

Nova: My position is challenging, ever-changing and unpredictable; it is also one of the most rewarding positions I’ve ever held. I greatly appreciate working for a company and a client that value the contributions of veterans to the nation and I am proud to serve.