Getting Kids to Eat their Veggies with Chartwells K12

March 16, 2015

Too often we know which foods we should be eating, but finding readily available, nutritious food isn’t always easy…unless you’re between the ages of 6 and 18. For those still in school, Chartwells K12 has found a way to put delicious, nutritious food at your fingertips.

Margie Saidel RD, Chartwells K12’s vice president of nutrition, culinary & sustainability, recently spoke with Fox News on how Chartwells K12 makes nutrition easy for the kids they serve.

“Chartwells K12’s focus is on serving delicious and nutritious food. We get our students involved in the process to learn the foods they would like to see on the menu. Excellent presentation and convenient café design allows them to get what they want in the shortest time possible.”

For more details on Chartwells K12’s delicious and nutritious strategy, check out the video below! (Source: Fox News)