Honoring our Sustainability Heroes with the Planet Promise Change-Makers

July 08, 2024

Discover the remarkable narratives of the Planet Promise Change-Makers, brought to you by Compass Group Sustainability.

In late 2023, our sustainability team unveiled the Planet Promise Change-Makers program. This initiative shines a spotlight on individuals within our global operations who exemplify dedication to sustainability, whether they’re Associates, Executive Chefs, Dietitians, or even Café Managers. Each week, we showcase their accomplishments, ranging from innovative approaches to reducing food waste with Waste Not 2.0, to community support initiatives, advocacy for plant-forward culinary practices, and the implementation of strategies to eliminate single-use materials.

The Planet Promise Change-Makers program not only acknowledges outstanding contributions but also fosters cross-sector knowledge sharing, inspiring our teams to recognize and celebrate the strides we’re making towards sustainability.

Learn more about some of our recent change makers below and stay tuned for more inspiring stories on the LinkedIn page of Amy Keister, Compass Group’s Global Director of Sustainability.

  • Ryan from Eurest National Accounts has eliminated all plastics bottles within his marketplaces and unattended markets.
  • Yesenia from Wolfgang Puck Catering has led her client to achieve WELL certification and created a robust food recovery program with Chefs to End Hunger.
  • Chef Hans from Morrison Healthcare has inspired his culinary team to remain consistent in waste tracking in our tool Waste Not 2.0 and increased the percentage of antibiotic free meats in our operations.
  • Josh from ESFM spearheaded an initiative that supported his client to achieving Platinum TRUE certification for zero waste.
  • Krista from Chartwells Higher Ed launched a comprehensive customer-facing composting in the student center diverting 72% of waste.
  • Chef Tom from CCL Hospitality Group brought the term “farm to table” to a new light by creating a partnership with a local farm and bringing over 500 pounds of local produce to his café every week.
  • Talisha from the Compass Group Sustainability team helped roll out our internal waste tracking tool Waste Not 2.0 to over 3000 tablets and has handled over 1500 tickets through our help desk all to help our company-wide overall waste reduction goals.