Meet Miss Betty

March 10, 2017

Betty Davis has accomplished a lot since beginning her career in 1962. Her first role at Queens University of Charlotte was as a house mother when only allowed women. She has gone on to hold numerous roles at the university, including switchboard operator, special assistant to a former university president, and now she works with the Chartwells Higher Education dining team.

Betty is an icon on campus and is affectionately known as Miss Betty. Students, faculty and staff light up when they hear her name and all have a story to share. One of their favorites is that in 2011, the University awarded Miss Betty with an honorary doctorate degree. She remembers that day as one of her greatest memories and proudly displays the degree in her home.

“Mother, Friend, Motivator, Respected”- are just a few of the words used to describe Miss Betty. Students rely on her for advice and she has always been their constant on campus. She listens to them and takes the time to hear about what is going on in their lives. The respect the students have for her shows in the way they treat her and how they listen to what she has to say. She develops a special bond with each person she meets.

“Within minutes of meeting her, I could tell she was a loving, caring individual who takes great pride in her job,” shared Clara Wright, recognition manager, Compass Group USA, after a recent visit with Miss Betty on campus. “That day, Betty was getting ready to walk with students and co-workers in the university’s Love & Respect March!”

Her colleagues feel the same way. She motivates them all to be their best. “Betty is a force to be reckoned with! She is always on the move,” says Jeff Brown, Director of Dining Services. “She is the first to arrive every morning and gets to work immediately. She never stops. She is an inspiration to everyone.”