Meet our Chefs of the Year | Chef Appreciation Week | Part 2

September 13, 2023

Compass Group chefs passionately believe in​ the power of food to bring people together. They create a positive impact both in the industry and​ across the entire food system. Chef Appreciation​ Week is the opportunity to share how our chefs​ and their teams serve so much more than​ food.

Join us in celebrating our talented chefs and learning more about their unique backgrounds, inspirations, and accomplishments. Happy Chef Appreciation Week!

Jarad Chirchella

Culinary Director of Schooner

Jarad Chirichella has great pride in his culinary craft, taking every opportunity to mentor his team and grow their knowledge. He encourages everyone to participate in menu writing and his cook now makes fresh bread daily along with classic house-made stocks and sauces. Chefs in the New England region frequently reach out for insight and guidance on staff management.

Darby Fitzgerald

Executive Chef

Chef champions the Waste Not Program, giving extra scraps to a local farm. In partnership with his client, he recently created a culinary camp for underprivileged youth. Darby’s talent is unmatched in producing vegan and gluten-free options while upholding high CulinArt standards. His most popular is smoked tofu with vegan dijonaise, cheese and pickles to simulate a Cubano!

Katie Cowie

Regional Chef

As a chef at Compass Group for 25 years, Katie’s strong commitment to investing in her team and supporting their growth sets her apart. Previously leading an all-female team, Katie is focused on empowering women in the kitchen and has propelled many of them forward in their culinary careers. She inspires others to reach their full potential and fosters a positive environment.

Nicholas Eltz

Regional Executive Chef
Flik Hospitality Group

Spearheading the Flik Waste Not program, Chef devised several methods of repurposing vegetables and dedicated 30% of his menus to Plant Forward options. Nick works closely with three small farmers in the area to feature their ingredients. To lessen their carbon footprint, he also oversees an extensive recycling program.