A Message from our CEO

April 3, 2020

To our Compass Associates:

Since I last reached out to you a little over a week ago, I have been asking myself the same question that you have probably been asking: “When will this horrible crisis end?” I wish I knew . . . but what I do know is that we will get through this, and what we need to do now is ensure that every action we take will allow us to thrive in the future.

I believe it is important to share with you what we have done this past week to ensure we exit this crisis positioned for success.

We have several dedicated teams that are working hard to find jobs for as many of our displaced Associates as possible, both within Compass Group businesses that are still operating, as well as with external companies that are hiring. In addition, we are collaborating with several of our valued clients, and many of the country’s largest employers, to do whatever we can to find employment for our Associates.

I want to stress that we are committed to ensuring that all of our people currently enrolled in a Compass Group medical plan will keep their medical benefits, regardless of their work status.

All of our senior leadership team, including myself, have taken a substantial salary decrease. We have also reduced all of our working managers’ salaries throughout the company. And, as I told you last week, we have made the very difficult decision to furlough some of our Associates across the business. This was the most heartbreaking decision I’ve ever had to make, but I remain confident that the day will come when these Associates will return to work, managers’ salaries will be restored and we will resume normal operations.

It is very important to me to personally thank the thousands of dedicated Compass Group Associates on the frontlines of this crisis. Some are cleaning and sterilizing facilities. Others are feeding patients, healthcare professionals, first responders and even schoolchildren who have lost access to meals they would normally receive. Our people are our HEROES, and I can’t thank them enough for all they are doing to save lives and serve our communities.

These are extraordinarily tough times, but I am confident we have the power to take ourselves through them. Since our founding 25 years ago, Compass Group has been guided by the belief that we would never be complacent – never satisfied, always striving to do better. Today, because of that spirit and resolve, I know we will rise to the challenge and come back stronger.


Gary Green
Chief Executive Officer
Compass Group North America


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