Morrison Community Living Presents “Heirloom”

December 07, 2016

“I loved cooking when I was able to. This was one of the recipes that came into my mind and I hope everybody enjoys eating it once they make it.”

Antoinette is a resident at a Morrison community and shared her story as part of MCL’s Heirloom program.

Growing up in a Polish family, Antoinette watched keenly as her mother cooked traditional dishes like pierogis, kielbasa, and cabbage for dinner. Her mother never measured – she would just taste and add a pinch here or a dash there until she was satisfied. Sometimes she would prepare soup with handmade noodles and chicken that her father brought home as payment from an odd job. As an adult, Antoinette enjoyed replicating her mother’s chicken noodle soup for her husband and three children. Antoinette doesn’t cook much anymore, but sometimes her daughter-in-law will stop by to pick up Antoinette’s handmade noodles to recreate the soup.

Family has always been a central part of Antoinette’s life. And during times of celebration like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Mother’s Day, she has made it a tradition to gather the family together. Try Antoinette’s soup at one of your holiday gatherings!


As part of their Heiloom program, Morrison Community Living will feature recipes from their residents throughout 2017. Keep up with Heirloom through MCL’s Facebook page!