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2021 EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model Q&A: Cindy Noble, Chief People Officer

Compass Group, the leading foodservice, support services and hospitality company, today announced that Cindy Noble, chief people officer of Compass Group North America, has been named to the 2021 EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model Lists.

The lists, released by diversity and inclusion network INvolve and supported by Yahoo Finance!, celebrate business leaders who are breaking down barriers at work for ethnic minorities in the U.K., Ireland and Europe, and for people of color in the United States and Canada.

Read Cindy’s Q&A below to learn how she’s driving Diversity & Inclusion at Compass Group.

What does Diversity & Inclusion mean to you and why is it important?
For me, D&I is all about making sure people are seen, heard and respected. Our differences are what make us special, unique and beautiful and it’s important that they’re celebrated. From a business perspective, diversity and inclusion are much more than boxes that should be checked off – they’re strengths and they reflect a company’s values. I’m proud that D&I are key parts of Compass Group’s guiding principles. It’s not just good for our business; it’s good for our people and the clients and customers we serve.

In your role at Compass Group, how do you help drive diversity and inclusion?
It’s important to me that we celebrate our Associates’ diversity, individual abilities, interests and passions to create an inclusive environment where we can all be better together. Over my 20-plus years at Compass Group, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredible people to help establish initiatives that confront unintentional biases, grow ethnic minority representation in salaried positions and recognize Associates who are doing their part to drive D&I. I’m excited about what lies ahead for us and our Associates as we work together to strengthen our culture of diversity and inclusion.

What is your approach to understanding the perspectives of colleagues from different backgrounds?
It all starts with respect. It’s important to be open-minded and respectful of what others believe and their individual work and creative processes. If you don’t fully understand someone’s perspective, don’t be afraid to say that. Ask questions and create open dialogue until you do understand. Taking this approach has helped me grow so much – not just professionally, but personally, too.

Who is a notable figure in history or someone in your life who has inspired you to be a role model for diversity and inclusion?
My mom, Bonnie. She’s truly been a role model to me. She instilled in me that my greatest strength is being myself. I strive to show up as my authentic self every day and I hope that inspires others to do the same.

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