Restaurant Associates’ Chef Ed Brown Serving Aces at the US Open

September 11, 2015

Chef Ed Brown

Chef Ed Brown

Serena Williams won’t be the only person eating well at the US Open while going after her fourth grand slam of 2015. This year, spectators are treated to the return of Restaurant Associates’ Chef Ed Brown with his re-imagined Aces premium restaurant open during the entirety of the tournament in New York.

Over twenty years ago at the US Open, Chef Brown began working in the tents surrounding the courts for special dinners before Arthur Ashe stadium was built. Upon the stadium’s completion in 1997, Chef Brown created the Aces restaurant for a premium dining experience. Chef Brown went on to become the food & beverage consultant to the United States Tennis Association for many years before returning to refresh Aces this year.

With fresh seafood and produce brought in daily, Aces is the ultimate dining experience at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Aces offers guests the opportunity to take a breather from the tennis extravaganza in casual elegance. Among the can’t miss menu items, Chef Brown suggests the Satur Farms Kale Salad, Portobello Fries, Smoked Salmon Flatbread, and the Raspberry Tart for dessert.

US Open ACES Restaurant