Six Tips for Better Recruiting and Retaining

September 21, 2017

Last month, Food Management interviewed three experienced foodservice professionals, including Alan Wilson, district manager for Flik Independent School Dining, to share insights for finding and keeping good talent.

Their six top tips for better recruiting and retaining the best talent are:

  1. Recruit proactively and transparently
  2. Create a positive work environment and culture
  3. Prioritize inherent character traits
  4. Invest in your people
  5. Be open and inclusive
  6. Recognize…and repeat

“You have to be proactive to recruit effectively; it is an ongoing process,” says Alan, who oversees 12 independent school locations in the New York metropolitan area. “The object is to anticipate what is coming next. When you are in a situation where you are reactive, you may not be getting your best hire.” He pursues candidates that are well spoken, efficient with their time, work well under pressure, and who anticipate the needs of and wants the best for their client.

Alan also likes to rely on current associates and clients for referrals, as they recommend people they know and count on and whom they believe are a cultural fit. Every foodservice position requires a standard set of skills, but these can be learned on the job and through training. “Of course, we want qualified applicants,” says Alan. “However, focusing solely on their experience is a mistake. Are they passionate? Enthusiastic to go the extra mile? Approachable? Those are the intangibles that you can’t teach.”

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