Summer Intern, Had Me a Blast

August 23, 2016
Alec Morris on interning with Compass Group.

Having the opportunity to be an intern at Compass Group with the Campus Programs team has by far been the best experience of my young professional career. As my first role in a corporate setting, I had no idea what to expect. But every day there has been something new and exciting to work on. I enjoy the tasks, challenges and goals I get to tackle each day.,

My team has fully embraced me from the very beginning and helped build a pathway to success. It is incredible how much planning the team put into my internship. We have gone on several site-visits and they have given me the opportunity to meet and network with some of the highest level executives in the company.

My experiences here have exceeded all expectations. This company aligns perfectly with my personal goals and what is important to me in my career: learning & development, growth opportunities and an incredible culture. So, I couldn’t be more ecstatic to join a company like this in a full-time role and have accepted an offer from Compass Group to join their accelerated leadership program, Manager in Training. In this role, I will have the opportunity to grow in the company, build my skills and continue to network with some of the brightest minds in the company. I’ll be exposed to several different areas of Human Resources so that I can gain valuable experience and strengthen my professional portfolio.

At Compass Group, we truly value people as individuals and treat them as such. Every single colleague I have encountered is very down to earth and tries to do everything they can to make me feel welcome. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to start my story here.

– Alec Morris