The Top 5 Reasons to Join Compass Group as an Hourly Associate

May 07, 2018

Each day thousands of frontline associates work hard to deliver top notch food and service to our clients, but what is it that makes Compass Group a top notch place for our frontline associates? From across the Compass family, our associates weighed in and gave us their top reasons for coming AND staying here.

1. Career Growth

An overwhelming number of associates express their appreciation for the career growth and learning and development programs the company offers. The ability to move and grow across industries has allowed associates to explore opportunities in areas they wouldn’t have thought to consider, yet are now thriving in. Individual growth is encouraged with mentors, managerial programs and clear career paths. One associate feels incredibly fortunate to have landed at a company that fully “utilizes and values” his work which has directly contributed to his advancement and growth.

2. Perks & Benefits

Great benefits are available for all full time associates, which include Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance plans. Associates also get to enjoy a discount market place for deals on electronics, subscriptions, tickets and great reward programs for travel. PTO is also granted to full time staff to enjoy time off.

3. Work/Life Balance

Most people think working in the food & beverage industry means late nights and long weekend hours – that’s not the case here. With opportunities in a wide verity of industries, its possible to find hours that work best for the individual. Associates appreciate the ability to work with their managers to set up schedules that work best for them. One associate notes what a stress reliever it was when she was able to transfer to work in a school in order to mirror the schedules of her children.

4. Diversity & Inclusion

Forbes recently named Compass Group as one of the Best Employers for Diversity. There are several associate-led groups that employees of all levels can be involved in that seek to foster inclusion and appreciate diversity. These groups are a great way to get involved and contribute to the success of the company outside of your daily job – it’s also a great way to Network!

An associate favorite is VetNet, the Compass Group Veterans Network. The group’s mission is to foster an inclusive environment for internal veterans and families and also focus on recruiting external veterans and spouses.

Our culture and diversity can be seen through the food we serve. Many of our cooks recognize how much their culinary knowledge has expanded through the diverse menu’s we create. We serve up dishes that are inspired from around the world.

5. Community Involvement

Our work puts us in a great place to help others, not only in our daily jobs but by being involved in the community. Associates are encouraged to stay actively involved in the community. Compass focuses our efforts on Health & Wellness, Humanitarian Aid, Human Rights, and Education. A few of the organizations aided by Compass are the American Diabetes Association, Habitat for Humanity, Human Rights Campaign, and the Multicultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance.