Why Compass for Crothall’s Aide Armas? It gives her an opportunity to provide comfort to patients in their time of need, while allowing her to grow professionally

November 01, 2023

“Looking back, I feel grateful to be where I’m at. Crothall gives me an opportunity to provide comfort to patients in their time of need, while allowing me to grow professionally.”


The rhythmic drip of the medicine couldn’t drown out the conversation and review questions. For years, Aide Armas would sit in a chair holding her older sister’s hand as the chemotherapy drugs worked their way through her sister’s system. At the time, Armas was studying healthcare administration at Cal State Northridge and the pair took it as an opportunity to spend time together and make sure Armas was caught up on her classes.

“My sister was so nurturing and loving. She always made me feel joy and made me laugh. She was my best friend. She was my everything.”

Her sister struggled with breast cancer for 5 years before passing away in 2019. That proved to be a turning point in Armas’ life. She had long been interested in healthcare, but her sister’s death gave it a newfound focus.

“I was fortunate to be with my sister during her last hours. I learned in school that doctors and nurses aren’t the only ones who impact a patient. I wanted to be that comforting presence for others. That led me to my work with Crothall.”

During school and her internship at Valley Presbyterian in Van Nuys, Calif. she learned the role safety plays in the patient experience, leading her to take a role at Crothall as a facilities coordinator. From there, she was hooked. She grew her career, taking roles of increasing responsibility, but there remained a lingering question in her life.

“Before my sister passed away, I promised that I would move closer to her children to help take care of them. I had been looking for a way to get home and continue to provide comfort to patients.”

Armas did just that. When an opportunity presented itself, she talked with her manager and transferred to the Adventist Health account in Bakersfield, Calif. Now she is only five minutes away from her niece and nephew.

“I was able to do this because of Crothall. The company provided me with an opportunity to fulfill my sister’s wishes and to continue to grow my career. I will be forever grateful.”

It was not an easy road to her leadership role at Crothall. Armas is the youngest of 12 children. Born in Mexico, she recalls her father coming home one day and telling the family they were moving to Los Angeles. Although she didn’t speak any English at the time, her closeknit family supported each other through the transition.

Despite the passing years, they are still close and spend holidays together with large family gatherings that have grown to include 36 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. Armas has contributed two children of her own to this number, but she prefers to say she has four (counting her sister’s children).

At work, Armas is excited to see where her career takes her. She sees a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape that provides challenges and opportunities, but for her, the patient remains at the center. Her desire is to bring a human touch to the hospital as she supports the nurses and doctors who care for patients. Like she saw with her sister, Armas is making sure comfort and compassion are at the heart of healthcare.