Why Compass Group for Lynne Verschueren? Because we’re working together with a singular focus and passion

August 23, 2023

Why Compass Group?: “We are doing things the right way and supporting employees. I am thankful to be a part of a company and a team that is working together with a singular focus and passion.”

It hasn’t come easy for Lynne Verschueren. From her earliest days on the baseball field scrambling to snag a fly ball from her older brothers, Lynne has learned to fight for everything she has. Athletics also left a deep impression on her and the importance of teamwork. These ideals drive her work at Canteen and the teams she supports.

After graduating from high school, Lynne began as a route driver in Portland, Ore. At the time, it was a career choice that few women undertook. Undeterred and unflappable, Lynne pushed through the challenges, determined to prove that she was not only capable but exceptional. Despite the difficulty of hauling pallets and loading machines, Lynne worked as a route driver until one week before her son was born—something she takes pride in.

“I wouldn’t let anyone tell me that I couldn’t do this. I wanted to prove that I could do the job. In truth, I got paid to exercise and I was in excellent shape.”

While working this physically demanding job, Lynne took classes at night. Her manager took notice of her skill and determination, promoting her to a management role. She has spent her entire career at Canteen, working her way up through sales and operations. Currently, she serves at the Regional Vice President for the Pacific Division, where she supports the local branch managers, oversees the division’s P&L and ensures customer retention.

“I love my job,” she said. “I work with great people. Having grown up in an athletic family, my parents instilled in us that it takes a team. That’s what I have here. It’s what I get to be a part of every day.”

At Compass Group, Lynne has found opportunities for advancement and built an exciting career.

“We’re always on the cutting edge. We’re not sitting back and just putting soda in vending machines. If you like new things, then this is a place to learn and grow.”

As a leader, she provides these opportunities for her team. She cites the company’s commitment to doing things the right way as the success to her longevity in the organization. This love of company has become a family affair. Lynne’s son works for Compass Group.

Beyond the office, Lynne is working to instill the same work ethic that has guided her throughout her career into her two young grandchildren. Although both are under the age of 5, they are well on their way to understanding what it takes to be successful and how hard their grandmother worked to get there.