Bringing Food Waste to the Forefront

February 12, 2018

Serving over 2 million meals every day to children across the country, Chartwells K12 has a big responsibility to both its customers and the environment to minimize waste. Production and post-consumer food waste are real concerns for restaurants and communities alike. And this year, Chartwells K12 expanded its commitment to waste reduction by introducing its Food Waste Reduction & Recovery Program.

Launched in support of Earth Month, Chartwells’ K12 new Food Waste Reduction & Recovery Program provides districts with tools and resources for addressing food waste in their school cafés.

The Food Waste Reduction program, known as Waste Not, utilizes Compass Group’s proprietary online tool to track and measure waste over time.

In tandem with the Food Waste Reduction efforts, Chartwells teamed up with students to support food recovery programs by collecting uneaten, packaged food items after service and sending them to local hunger relief groups. Truly student-driven, kids tracked waste and educated each other about the impact excess food waste can have on the environment.

The impact of food waste and hunger are top of mind in communities across the country, and as a cornerstone of communities, schools play an important part in leading the discussion. Through the Food Waste & Recovery Program, Chartwells K12 is educating and empowering its teams and students to take the lead in waste reduction-and they’re just getting started.

Malvern School District, Arkansas
Saw immediate results – cutting waste by 10% in just the first two weeks of the program.
Athens Independent School District, Texas
The increased focus on waste highlighted training opportunities – like training kitchen teams on produce prep to cut down on excess waste.
Edina Public Schools, Minnesota
Rescued over 14,000 items, diverting 1,700 pounds of potential methane gas from our landfills and contributing nutritious foods to 2,800 meals for the community.

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