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Supporting Our Heroes, Serving Our Communities

We take immense pride in our commitment to honoring and supporting those who have bravely served our country.

The Right Choice for a Second Career

Whether you’re currently serving in our nation’s military, or just finished your tour of duty, or even served in the military and are already in the civilian sector, we want to help you find a home within Compass Group that maximizes your unique skillset and honors your experiences.

Empowering Our Heroes

From deployment to employment, Compass Group provides mentorship opportunities and tailored programs for veterans seeking a new chapter post-service. We are proud to earn the distinction as an Industry Partner for DoD SkillBridge, a program that provides veterans with valuable work experience through specific industry training during their last six months of service. Compass Group is very active in the DoD SkillBridge program and committed to providing an invaluable experience for transitioning military personnel and veterans.

Serving Those Who’ve Served

Compass Group is proud to deliver customized food and support service solutions to government and military organizations. As the global leader in hospitality services, we leverage innovative technology, decades of experience, and our passion for service excellence to create world-class experiences that meet the unique needs of the military and government sector.

“Compass Group VetNet holds significant importance to me because it plays a pivotal role in supporting veterans transitioning to civilian careers, including those currently serving as reservists. The program provides essential resources that enable these dedicated individuals to find meaningful employment and successfully reintegrate into civilian life.”

“Compass Group was described to me as a people first culture, driven by mission and a collective pursuit of perfection through a team of teams approach. The words used illustrated what any Veteran would call Core Values and the promise they made is one I find is honored daily.”

“At Compass, I have a fantastic leadership team that supports my career development and recognizes my contributions. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities, trust, and confidence provided to all Veterans.”

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