Supplier Diversity Spotlight: RTE Cuisine

March 26, 2021

Meet one of Compass Group’s Newest Supplier Diversity Partners making a sustainable impact on the food industry

Janet Holt honors her mother’s legacy as a trailblazer in organic farming by giving people the same perfectly cooked, nutrient-dense grains she grew up with. As a single working mother, she brought RTE Cuisine to life in 2017 using her mom’s approach: not processed, simply cooked.

Today, the woman-owned company ships quality ready-to-eat (RTE) ancient grains to kitchens across America with that same nourishing and authentic feel of home. Compass Group is excited to be part of RTE Cuisine’s journey, bringing them on as one of its newest Supplier Diversity partners.

As a Foodbuy contracted supplier, RTE Cuisine has access to Compass Sectors and Foodbuy Members. RTE Cuisine’s products help solve the need for pre-cooked grains and its mission is in alignment with Compass Group’s commitment to creating positive change in the food system through meaningful food experiences that promote well-being for people and planet.

Cooking grains from scratch is time consuming, ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours, or even overnight. It’s easy to under soak or overcook, which leads to costly food waste. This is where RTE‘s commitment to sustainability helps. Its extensive line of sustainably grown, fully cooked, shelf-stable ancient grains, seeds and legumes require no cooking time, no stove top space, and no culinary skills.

RTE Cuisine sources direct from farmers at the peak of freshness, then expertly steam-cook products in the very pouch they’re packaged in. RTE Cuisine supports growers that practice regenerative agriculture and help provide an affordable way for the consumer to easily access healthier meals, in turn contributing to a healthier planet.

Learn more about RTE Cuisine. Also, check out Compass Group’s 2020 Sustainability Report to learn more about it’s commitment to people and the planet.